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15 Mile

The 2023 15 mile course is unchanged from previous years (GPX). See the 2021 courses map for details. There are no cutoffs for the 15 mile race.  However, for the safety and consideration of our aid station volunteers we ask that all 15 mile runners maintain as least a fast hiking pace.  Our expectation is that all 15 mile participants will complete the race in less than 7 hours. 

50k and 50 Mile

The 2023 50km course will be the same as 2019 except the Quemazon AS has moved to the Ice Rink (mile 24.7) for 2021. See the 2021 courses map for details. 

The 2023 50 mile course will be the same as 2021 which is roughly 2 miles longer than 2019. The course is actually about 53 miles.  See the 2021 courses map for details.

Start: Posse Lodge, North Mesa in Los Alamos, NM. The 50 mile race starts at 5:00am, the 50 kilometer starts at 6:00am, and the 15 mile starts at 8:00am. 

Directions to start/finish: Take Diamond Drive north to the roundabout. Go straight through the roundabout and up the hill onto North Mesa. The Posse Lodge is approximately 1 mile from the round about. (Google map of Posse Lodge).

Cutoffs for 2023 50 mile race:

  • 12:00pm [24.7 miles] at Ice Rink (mandatory switch to 50k)

  • 2:20pm [33.8 miles] at Mitchell First Time (mandatory switch to 50k)

  • 3:00pm [21.7 miles] at Camp May Road

  • 5:00pm [24.7 miles] at Ice Rink

  • 8:20pm [49.1 miles] at Mitchell 2nd time

Cutoffs for 2023 50k race:

  • 3:00pm [21.7 miles] at Camp May Road

  • 5:00pm [24.7 miles] at Ice Rink

  • 8:20pm [27.9 miles] at Mitchell

Aid Stations: Aid Stations Driving Directions for crew/spectators can be found in the 2021 JMTR Runners Manual.

Maps of the Los Alamos Area marked map of Los Alamos townsite.


No pacers will be allowed for 2023. 

Geospatial PDF Course Map

[2023 Maps Coming Soon] Geospatial course maps allow you to view your location on a PDF document on your mobile device. We recommend installing the free Avenza app (iOS or Android) for viewing our geospatial PDF course maps. Once you have the Avenza app installed, download and add any or all of the geospatial PDF course maps below:


There are many ways to add one of the above maps in your Avenza app. Perhaps the easiest is to add via URL:

  1. Install the Avenza PDF Maps app on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android).

  2. Click the + button (top right) to add a map.

  3. Click the "from URL" option (bottom).

  4. Copy and paste this URL: (NOTE: It is not necessary to open the link in a web browser).

  5. Wait for the map to download and process.

  6. Open the map.

  7. View your location on the map.

Here's a YouTube video showing how to add via URL. Copy the URL from the link above to add to Avenza via URL (at 1:27 in the video below):

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