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Run Trails, Try Not To Be An Ass

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) rules state no photography is allowed while on LANL property. We feel fortunate LANL allows us to run on its property and request that all runners and spectators please obey this rule and not take photographs while running on LANL property (approximately miles 23 to 25 on the 50k and 50 mile courses). We will place signs reminding runners when photography is disallowed and then allowed again.

  • All runners relinquish their claim to photographic copyright during the event and they relinquish any recourse against the race organization or against any approved partners for the use of runners image.

  • Do not remove the pull tab from the bottom of your race number bib. This will be collected at the finish line.

  • No Littering. Please leave trash at the aid stations.

  • Pacers allowed for only the 50 mile race. .

  • All runners must follow the course precisely. Please exercise caution when crossing roads and obey official's instructions at all times.

  • All runners must check in and out of each aid station. Let the aid station captain know if you are dropping from the race, and report to the finish line officials at the Posse Shack. If you drop and do not notify an aid station captain and/or fail to return to the Finish Line, you may be responsible for costs of search and rescue efforts.

  • No dogs allowed on the courses.

  • Participants using poles are responsible for not interfering with other participants.

  • No whining. No complaining about the volunteers or getting grumpy if you get off course.

  • The procedures listed here take precedence over any instructions received out on the course with the exception of instructions given explicitly by the race director.

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