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We Love Our Volunteers

Our race wouldn't be possible without the great support of volunteers performing all sorts of tasks and duties year after year!  Some of the things we need volunteers for include:

Registration check-in: Assistance needed in handing out the race packets the evening before the race and on race morning.

Finish line timers: Several volunteers are needed to help record the finish times of all the runners. Assistance is needed all day during the race, but any amount of time would be helpful.

Start/Finish area help: Several volunteers are needed to setup and cleanup the start/finish area and help to serve the post race food to the participants. Assistance is needed all day during the race, but any amount of time would be helpful.

Aid Stations: Lots of volunteers are needed to man the 8 aids stations located along the course. Help is needed to set up the aid stations, hand out water and snacks, track runners as they come through, and assist and cheer on runners.

First Aid: Volunteers with first aid training are needed at the start/finish line and aid stations.

Communications: The race uses ham radios to communicate between the start/finish area and the aid stations. Ham radio operators are needed.

Course marking/course monitors: A couple of volunteers are needed to check the course marking of several key locations along the course the day before and on the morning of race day. We also need a few volunteers out on the course at key turning points/intersections to direct runners.

Water stocking on Guaje Ridge: Starting about a month before the race we will begin to stock water at the Guaje Ridge Aid Station. We need many volunteers to hike water to the top of the Mitchell Trail where the Guaje Ridge Aid Station is located. If you are going out for a hike, please consider helping by carrying up a gallon or two of water.

Trail Maintenance: Once the snow melts, volunteers will be needed to help clear the trails for race day. This consists of mostly clearing down trees and cutting bushes back from the trail.

Race Preparation: Volunteers and needed to help prepare for the race. Some of the activities include packet stuffing, organizing aid station supplies, and setting up for the pre race pasta dinner.

Post-race cleanup: Volunteers needed to help clean the finish area location, aid stations, clear trail markers, and reorganize leftover supplies.

Course sweeps: Volunteers and needed to hike, run, or bike the course after the last runner to ensure that all the runners are accounted for.

Please contact Tom Stockton, with the word "Volunteer" in the subject line.

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