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JMTR 2019 Update - April 27, 2019

2019 Runner's Manual

The runner’s manual for 2019 is now available.. Download your copy now!


The 50 mile cutoffs are designed for all runners to finish before 10pm. This equates to about a 21 minute per mile pace. There are two cutoffs:

  • 12:45pm at the Quemazon Aid Station (mile 25.4)

  • 8:15pm at the Mitchell Aid Station (mile 47.2)

Any runner not making the 12:45pm cutoff at the Quemazon Aid Station can switch to the 50km race. Also, 50k cutoffs apply to 50 mile runners (see below.)

The 50km cutoffs are designed limit the time that our aid station volunteers need to be out on the course. The Camp May and Quemazon Aid Stations need to be staffed until all the 50km runners are accounted for at the next aid station. In order to provide for a timely release of these aid stations, the following cutoffs have been established for the 50km race:

  • 3:00pm for Camp May Road Aid Station (mile 21.7)

  • 5:00pm for Quemazon Aid Station (mile 25.4)

To make these cutoffs, the 50km runners will need to average a 26 minute per mile pace. Please note that these cutoffs apply to all runners even though we donn’t expect any 50 mile runner to be close to missing these cutoffs.

The 15 mile race does not have any cutoffs, but we do assume that all participants will complete the race by 3pm. Runners will need to average a little better than a 30 minute per mile pace to finish about 3pm. Please reconsider your participation in the race if you think you may go slower than this. Otherwise ,we may be forced to add cutoffs next year.

Waitlist and Refunds

The 50km and 50 mile races have not filled up so according to our refund policy, we will not be give a partial refund to those runners who withdraw for these races. The 15 mile race has a long waitlist, so if you are entered in that race, you can get a 50% refund if you withdraw before May 1st. Based on last’s years withdrawals, we do not expect the 15 mile waitlist to clear this year.

No cups

We have been cup-free at our aid station for the several past years. All runners are required to carry a cup. Any runner drinking from the water jugs at the aid stations will be disqualified. This year the finish line will also be free of disposable cups. All runners will be given reusable JMTR plastic cups when they finish the race. Non-runners can purchase cups for $1 or they can bring their own cup. Thanks for helping us reduce waste!


We have submitted a permit to run a segment of the 50 mile course down North Mitchell and through Gauje Canyon. This permit has not yet been approved but we are hopeful that it will. These trails have not been maintained since the Cerro Grande Fire in 2000 and we are currently in the process of restoring these trails. Some sections of trails have been completely destroyed but a lot of the old trail still exists. Since it has not been used in many years, the trail is very rough in places. Expect narrow single track along steep slopes, loose traction in some areas, and overall a less well defined and rough trail. This section of course will also require runners to climb a short 6 foot section of 4th class rock followed by a 8 foot traverse along a foot wide ledge. A hand line is in place to assist passage through this section.

The short climb up to the ledge
Walking the ledge

Packet pickup

Early packet pickup this year will be on Thursday, May 23rd from 4 to 6pm in the Training Room at the Aquatic Center, 2760 Canyon Rd. This is a different location from last year. The prerace dinner will be at the Crossroads Bible Church, the same location as last year. Please note that there is currently road construction in this area which may impact access and parking at the church.


We are looking for more help on race day. If you know someone who wants to help, please have them Email We are looking for people to help at aid stations and also a limited number of folks to sweep the course. For those local runners, the traditional water carry up Mitchell Trail to the top of Guaje Ridge will start the first weekend of May.

Text Notification System

We will again setup a text notification system to provide important information prior to and on race day. If you provided a number during registration you do not need to do anything. If you did not provide a number, please Email with the wording “text notification system” in the subject line. Please provide the phone number, name, and race distance or role in the race. A test notification will be sent out in the middle of May. Please don’t contact us until after the test notification if you are unsure if you are registered.


The following runners are eligible for the 100,000 foot climbed award:

Garth Reader (with finish of any race) and Neal Blake (with finish of 50 mile)

The following runners are eligible for the 50,000 foot climbed award:

  • Dylan Harp (with finish of any race)

  • Peter Bray (with finish of any race)

  • Allen Scarff (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Jeffrey Hill (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Sergey Trudolyubov (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Travis Mcwhorter (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Doug Newton (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Charles Corfield(with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Pat Scott (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Brian Reardon (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Mark Katko (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Ryan Wixom (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Mark Mitchell (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Dianna Keogh (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Mark Lisak (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Ryan Burch (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Tommy Stockton (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Jon Teisher (with finish of 50 km or 50 mile)

  • Diana Finkel (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Darrin Coffman (with finish of 50 mile)

  • David Infante (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Erica Baron (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Edward Trzcienski (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Jacob Waltz (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Corbin Freeman (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Michael Chertkov (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Andy Nelson (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Keith Hanson (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Mike Lang (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Judy Vergara-Blake (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Taylor Pardue (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Michael Wheat (with finish of 50 mile)

  • Steve Nash (with finish of 50 mile)

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