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JMTR 2024 Update for May 5th, 2024

Hello JMTR runners!

We are less than one week away for the 17th annaul running of the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs. We have posted an updated version of runner's manual on the JMTR website. We strongly encourage you to review this document as it contains lots of important information. Please find the updated 2024 Runners Manual here:

Download PDF • 5.19MB

Some changes and other information regarding the race this year

Will not be hosting a dinner this year because of conflicts in securing a suitable location. An advanced packet pickup session will be held on Thursday afternoon, May 9th, in the Training Room at the Larry R.Walkup Aquatic Center from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The Aquatic Center is located at 2760 Canyon Road. The Friday packet pickup will be held at the Posse Lodge (Start/Finish location) from 4:30pm to7:00pm.

There will not be a runner’s briefing this year, but race staff will be available to answer any questions that you may have. Packets can also be picked up on race morning from 4:00am to 4:50am for the 50 mile race, 5:00am to 5:50am for the 50km race, and from 6:30am to 7:50am for the 15 mile race. Don’t forget that we are a cupless race. This also includes the 15 mile runners. We strongly recommend that all runners carry a device to allow one to get refreshments at the aid stations.

Please also remember that we have a mandatory gear policy. Please find the details in the runner’s


If you know someone who wants to run, registration closes at the end of the day on May 7th, 2024. There are still spots available in the 50 km and 50 mile events. The 15 mile event is full. There will be no additional registrations for any distance after May 7th, 2024


For the 50 km and 50 mile runners

We had to change the location for the Pipeline Aid station due to concerns voiced by the USFS. The aid station will be located about 1⁄2 mile to the East of the current location. For the 50 km and 50 mile runners on the first time through, you will reach this aid station sooner. For the 50 mile runners on the second pass through, this will make the segment from the Guaje Ridge aid station to Pipeline 1⁄2 mile longer. The runner’s manual has been updated to reflect these changes. We will allow for a 4:30 am start for 50 mile runners who believe that they may be close to the cutoffs. Any runner who starts early is not eligible for the top three finisher awards. Also, note that the aid station opening times is based on a fast runner starting at 5am and runners starting early who go faster than a 12 minute pace may arrive at the first aid station before it is open. If this is an option that you are interested in, please email this request to

Also, there was a discrepancy in the runner’s manual for the 50 mile cutoffs. This has been corrected in the latest version. The cutoff times for the 50 mile are 12:00 pm at the Ice Rink AS, 2:20 pm at the Mitchell AS (mile 33.8), and 8:20 pm at the Mitchell AS (mile 49).

See you at the race next weekend!

Take care,



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