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JMTR 2019 Update - May 16, 2019

Sunset colors at Pajarito Mountain, May 14, 2019

There is a little more than one week before the race. Get stoked! We ask that all runners please review the runner’s manual and be familiar with the general course route. Just a few updates for everyone to be aware of:

Cutoff Times:

Cutoff times have been clarified in the 2019 runner’s manual. All 50km cutoff times also applies to 50 mile runners.

Road Closure: North Mesa Road will close at 7:30am. The previous version of the runner’s manual stated the incorrect time. If you are trying to get to the Posse Lodge after 7:30am you will need to park in the area of the North Mesa Soccer Field and walk to the start from there.


The last day to register is Tuesday, May 21st. If you're not registered by Tuesday, May 21st, you cannot run JMTR in 2019. If you have not registered yet or know someone who is thinking about registering, please have them do it now. Please don’t be that person that misses the deadline and wants to get in. The answer will be “No”. Sorry, but last minute registration makes a lot more work for us.

Cup-free race:

JMTR is a cup-free race. All runners must have a cup or some way for getting fluids at the aid stations. Any runner that attempts to drink directly from the aid station’s water containers will be disqualified. The finish area will also be cup free. All runners will receive a commemorative plastic cup upon finishing the race. Non-runners can purchase a cup for $1 or bring their own cup.

Text Notification System:

JMTR will be using a text notification system. A test message was sent to all runners who registered via UltraSignup last week. We are testing the system for staff today (May 16th). If you did not receive a message and want to be on the list, please Email by early next week with:

  1. Your name

  2. Cell phone number

  3. Race distance or staff if you are volunteer. We will test the system again next week.

Course Marking:

Please review the course marking philosophy in the runner’s manual. As usual, there will be some sections of the course that will not be marked very often. Sections that have no intersections with other trails for long stretches will be marked sparingly. For example, the section through Guaje Canyon (50 mile race only) will not be marked heavily as the trail is the only easy way through this area. The entire course has been cleared of trees, so cut logs are a clear sign that you are on the course. If you find yourself needing to climb over logs and go through sticker bushes, you are off the course.


All course maps are up-to-date on the website and the Avenza geospatial PDF course map has been updated. We recommend that all runners who plan to carry a cell phone install the Avenza App and JMTR course map on their phone so that you can view your location on the map. Please see the course page for details:

Friday Runner Dinner:

There is road construction in the area of the Crossroads Bible Church, please use caution when driving in this area. The race is committed to reducing waste, so if possible, please bring your own plate and utensils to the prerace dinner.

Please continue to check this blog site before the race as any additional updates will be posted here.

See you at the race!

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