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JMTR 2020 Course Update – January 22, 2020

2020 Course Map

The 15 mile and 50 km courses will be the same as previous years. The 50 mile race will have a course change which will result in approximately 2 additional miles of distance compared to the 2019 route. There will be one aid station relocation which will affect the 50km and 50 mile races. The Quemazon Aid Station from 2019 will be moved into Los Alamos canyon and will be renamed the Ice Rink Aid Station. The 50 mile course will be routed from the Ice Rink Aid Station up Los Alamos Canyon (west from the Ice Rink) past the Los Alamos Reservoir to the newly restored Knapp Trail and then down the Quemazon Trail. This route change will eliminate the multiple times running down Pipeline road. See the 2020 courses map for details.

Cutoff times for the 2020 race have been revised because of the course changes. These new cutoff times will make the 50 mile race more difficult for runners who have been close to the cutoff times in previous years. Please consider these new cutoff times before registering for the race.

15 Mile Cutoffs:

There are no cutoffs for the 15 mile race. However, for the safety and consideration of our aid station volunteers we ask that all 15 mile runners maintain as least a fast hiking pace. Our expectation is that all 15 mile participants will complete the race in less than 7 hours.

50 Mile Cutoffs:

  • 12:20pm [24.7 miles] at Ice Rink (mandatory switch to 50K)

  • 2:20pm [33.8 miles] at Mitchell 1st time (mandatory switch to 50K)

  • 3:00pm [21.7 miles] at Camp May

  • 8:20pm [49.1 miles] at Mitchell 2nd time

50 Kilometer and 50 Kilometer Ruck Cutoffs:

  • 3:00pm [21.7 miles] at Camp May

  • 5:00pm [24.7 miles] at Ice Rink

  • 7:00pm [27.9 miles] at Mitchell

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