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JMTR Notice to Runners - March 14, 2021

Hello JMTR runners,

The JMTR team is excited to welcome you back to Los Alamos for the 15th holding of the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 2021. The safety of the runners, staff, volunteers, and spectators is of utmost importance to us. We ask that you fully read below to understand what rules may be in force to ensure safety during this on-going pandemic. There is still lots of uncertainty on what the COVID situation will be on race day and this will impact the rules that are in place. We are hopeful that the situation will continue to improve and that we will not need to fully incorporate the COVID safety mitigation protocols described below. The race does need to get permits from Los Alamos County (LAC), Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF), and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). To obtain permits we need to demonstrate that we are able to follow the COVID restrictions imposed by both the State of New Mexico and the Federal Government.

The State of New Mexico has a 4-tiered system called the “Red to Green Framework” that imposes health measures on a county-by-county basis. Currently, Los Alamos County is in the turquoise level which imposes the least restrictive public health measures. The race also passes through Santa Fe National Forest and Los Alamos National Laboratory; Federal lands that require wearing a mask as mandated by Presidential Executive Order. At this time, we are planning to hold the race assuming that we are in a more restrictive posture including Los Alamos County in the yellow level and all current federal mandates still in effect. Under these conditions, please review the run services we believe we can offer and the COVID safety protocols that all runners would need to follow.

JMTR Services

  • Organized race with safety protocols in place, including first aid and runner tracking.

  • Race day check-in only

  • Aid stations with limited staffing offering water, energy drink, and limited food.

  • Drop bags available at select aid stations (50km and 50mile only)

  • Limited activities at the start and finish

  • Finisher award

  • The poster will not be offered this year

  • A decision on offering a race shirt has not yet been made

  • No pre-race dinner and briefing

COVID safety protocols

  • Race morning bib pickup

  • Wave starts of small number of runners in compliance with state regulations

  • Runner self-health check requirement

  • Limited group sizes at start/finish

  • Mask requirements will likely include one or more the following:

- Wearing mask while on federal lands (this is majority of the course)

- Wearing masks while in close proximity to other runner

- Wearing masks while at the start/finish and in aid stations

  • No pacers

  • Limited or no crew

  • Limited number of total runners

The race services offered and safety protocols described above assume that public health measures are in the most restrictive state in which we believe we could hold the race. Please don’t signup if you require more support or are not willing to follow the COVID safety protocols described above. Violations of any event rule regarding Covid-safe practices places the safety of other runners and event staff at risk, jeopardizes the permitting and future of the event, and is grounds for immediate disqualification without refund. We are optimistic that the COVID situation will continue to improve by race day and that we will not need to implement all of these protocols. If you decide to register for the race, you are agreeing to abide by all COVID safety protocols in place on race day which may be as described above. In addition, the support offered by the race this year will be limited, so you must plan to be more self-sufficient than in previous years. We strongly recommend that you assess your self-sufficiency and ability to complete the race safely before signing up this year. Runners without previous experience at the distance, terrain and altitude, over a wide range of temperature and weather conditions, of the course they are intending to register for, should seriously contemplate their ability to complete the course.

Runners can find the race course description and cutoff times on the JMTR course webpage. The cutoff times for the 50 mile race are earlier than previous years to prevent runners from missing cutoffs. Runners missing cutoffs often require transportation back to the finish and keep race staff on the course later. Entry to the 50 mile event is contingent upon qualification of completion of a previous 50 mile distance race or an exemption from the JMTR Race Director.

There is the possibility that we may need to cancel the race again this year. This would be necessary if the red level health measures were in place on race day or if we are not able to hold a safe event because of lack of volunteers including first aid and communication staff. In the event that the race is cancelled, you will receive a partial refund of your registration fee. The amount will reflect the funds that have already been committed to the event. During registration you will be given the option to donate your registration fee to the scholarship fund in the event of cancellation.

If you are unable to attend the race you can get a partial refund policy only if:

  1. Someone is on the waitlist to take your spot and

  2. You withdraw before May 1, 2021.

NO transfer of entry to another participant, and NO credit for a future year. NO asking for a refund, transfer, or roll over, these are our rules. If this refund policy bums you out, remember we are a non-profit race and all race proceeds benefit local organizations or charities.

We’re excited to be able to have an event this year even if in a limited fashion, and thank you for your continued interest and support.

Take care and stay healthy,



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