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JMTR Race Update May 6, 2022 – Race Cancelation Notice

Hello Everyone,

We have decided to cancel this year’s race in light of the current conditions in the Los Alamos area. This decision was made because Los Alamos County along with Los Alamos National Laboratory have closed all trails to recreational use on their property. In addition, the Cerro Pelado Fire continues to burn in close proximity to the race course. The weather forecast is calling for continued windy and hot conditions over the next week with high potential for continued fire spread. With no improvements in the current conditions expected in the near future, we do not think that conditions will improve before the race day.

Please note, our race cancellation policy as stated on the JMTR website below:

“The race director reserves the right to cancel the race in the case of conditions beyond our control such as wildfire, extreme weather, forest closure or other acts of nature or unusual circumstances. The runners' safety is the top priority in the decision. After accounting for the significant amount of funds that will have already been committed, the JMTR will return a portion of the entry fee if the race is canceled. We appreciate your understanding if cancellation is necessary.”

The JMTR race committee will be offering a partial refund along with exploring other possible options. Please be patient as we work out the logistics of the race cancellations. All of the committee members are volunteers and have full time jobs. We will be reconciling our budget over the next couple of weeks to assess available funds for partial refund. Also, many members of the committee live in Los Alamos which is currently under threat from the Cerro Pelado Fire. Again, we thank you for your patience while we work through this situation. Thanks.

Take care



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