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JMTR Race Update – May 1, 2021

Hello runners, staff, and friends of JMTR. We are three weeks out from the race and the event is still a go. Although all the logistics have not yet been finalized, we did want to provide you an on update on the planning. We are aiming to finalize the logistics and the runner’s manual approximately 10 days before the race date. If you have any questions, please Email

Number of Entries

At this time, we are not planning to increase the number of entrants. There are currently 250 runners registered with many more on the waitlist. We still may allow a limited number of additional entrants closer to the race day, but if you are deep on the waitlist, you likely will not get the opportunity to run this year. Sorry about that. Our decision to not increase the entrant numbers at this time is based on several factors including the safety of runners and staff and ensuring that the race stays in compliance with COVID restrictions. Medical availability to support the race is limited and at this time, race management feels that we cannot safely support additional runners. In addition, current New Mexico COVID restrictions for Los Alamos county limit large gathering sizes to 150 people, which includes runners, race staff, and spectators. Increasing the number of entrants will make it difficult to maintain this size limit at the start/finish area.

Race Start Times and Format

The race management has not yet reached a final decision on the format of the start (waves or one mass start), but the general start times will be starting at 5am for the 50 mile, 6am for the 50 km, and starting between 7:30 or 8am for the 15 mile. We will be offering a 4:30am start for 50 mile runners who think that they may be in jeopardy of missing the cutoffs because of the increased distance of the 50 mile race (~2 miles longer than 2019).

Mask Rules

The following mask rules will be required:

  1. Masks must be worn at the start and finish area

  2. Masks must be worn upon entering aid stations

  3. Mask must be worn when within 6 feet of other runners including when runners are passing one another

  4. Masks do not need to be worn when at least 6 feet of separation between people can be maintained.

  5. Masks do not need to be worn when actively eating or drinking. We recommend not eating or drinking in groups.

We understand that there are varying opinions on the need for wearing masks, especially outdoors. The race will be following the recent CDC guidance regarding mask use.

Although, the CDC differentiates between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people, this event will not as logistically it would be very difficult to know this information. In addition, the CDC does recommend wearing masks under the following activity “Attend a crowded, outdoor event, like a live performance, parade, or sports event” regardless of vaccination status. We appreciate your compliance with these rules regardless of your opinion on whether it is necessary.

Aid Stations

All aid stations along the course will be staffed. Water and limited food will be provided. Exact details will be announced soon. All runners will need to carry a cup or other suitable device for holding drinks. In addition, the aid stations will be touchless. Runners will need to carry a plate or plastic bag or some other suitable device for holding food. The aid station staff will distribute food items by placing food on or in your container without direct contact. There will be no cups or plates at the aid stations.

Post-Race Activities

We are planning to serve a limited offering of New Mexican food at the finish for runners and possibly some beer also (if allowed by local regulations). We would ask runners to avoid lingering at the finish line area for a long time as we do need to keep the maximum number of people at the finish area to at most 150 people. If we cannot maintain these levels of people or if people are unnecessarily gathering in large groups without adhering the mask and physical distancing rules, then we will stop all post-race activities and ask runners to leave after they finish their race. Please obey the mask and physical distancing rules and don’t spoil the post-race activities for finishers after you.


Short sleeve cotton shirts will be provided to all entrants.


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