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Medical Director for the 2021 running of the JMTR

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Aaron Reilly as our Medical Director for the 2021 running of the JMTR. While Dr. Reilly joined us in 2020 as we prepared for the runs, which unfortunately had to be cancelled, he is back this year and has been working with us since the announcement on March 14 that the runs were a "Go" this year.

Dr. Reilly is an Emergency Medicine physician at the University of New Mexico Hospital, and former US Navy Flight Surgeon with specific training in wilderness, austere, and race medicine. He also serves as core faculty at the UNM International Mountain Medicine Center, where he is involved in the education of professional medical providers, from EMTs to physicians, on providing medical care and support in remote locations. His experience includes medical direction and assistance to multiple race events and ultra-marathons, and he is an active member of the UNM Reach and Treat team that works closely with the Bernallio County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) Metro Air Support Unit.

Welcome aboard!


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